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Amazon Pay Accounts

Are you interested in Amazon Pay accounts to purchase for your website or business? You have come to the right place. Amazon Pay accounts can be provided to you at very affordable prices. You can view the details if you are interested.

Information about Our Amazon Pay Account

  1. We guarantee a 100% authentic account.
  2. Your account has been verified.
  3. It is activated and ready for use.
  4. It is located in the USA.
  5. A verified USA billing address was added.
  6. A unique number from the USA was used to verify.
  7. We have included ID, Passport, and Driving license. Information.
  8. For maximum security, recovery information was added.
  9. VCC has already added the payment method.
  10. All information contained in the account is true and valid.
  11. Amazon Pay accounts can be used in any country.
  12. To create the account, we used the US residence IP.
  13. We offer a 2-day replacement guarantee.


What You Will Get

  1. You will receive the delivery via email.
  2. The account will be available to you at 100%.
  3. You will receive the login ID and password for your Amazon Pay account.
  4. Delivery will include the recovery information.
  5. A copy of all documents used to verify your account will be provided.
  6. Finally, you will get our sincere customer support.


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Buy Amazon Pay Accounts

When we are talking about buying Amazon Pay accounts, then we are not referring to only selling of the account but it is also related to the purchasing process and even sometimes most people get confused between these two terms because both of them are related. So what actually will find you in this article? It is regarding the purchase or selling of an account? Yes, we have provided full information on how can you buy Amazon pay accounts and the procedure that you need to follow if you want to sell your Amazon account. so let’s jump into it.

Buy Amazon Pay Accounts (3)

So folks, do you think that why should anyone purchase an amazon pay account? The answer is simple because when someone purchases an amazon pay account, then they will be having access on buyer protection, payments with debit/credit card, flexible payment options, and many more features that are available only for amazon pay accounts. Most people don’t have an idea about how to buy Amazon Pay Accounts; we are here to help you in this regard.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon has an extensive online installment strategy, and it’s a standout amongst the most broadly perceived contending strategies out there. Their installment approach includes three general strategies: [1] Amazon Take after; [2] Amazon Store Card; and now, [3] Amazon Pay. This guide will expound on what this new choice for installments is as well as how you can utilize it.

This point-by-point clarification of all things associated with utilizing your bank record to buy merchandise securely from any site that offers the option to utilize Amazon Pay could be hard to follow because of its multifaceted nature. On account of this fact, we’ve made a rundown of valuable data with regard to how to designate the best strides for you to take.

We’ve likewise highlighted the most regularly asked inquiries about how to set up and utilize this choice of installment methodologies because it is some basic information that will enable you to comprehend exactly what Amazon Pay is, how it works, where you can make utilization of its installment alternatives, and the way you can get your record verified among different points of interest.

What Does Amazon Pay Mean?

Amazon has an extensive online payment strategy and does a large portion of its business in installments. The organization’s web-based installment framework was made out of the desire to give clients another approach to buy things on their website utilizing commonplace strategies like installment cards and bank records without obliging them to create a whole extra account with Amazon – guaranteeing that their own particular records are not been overhauled. Instead, clients utilize a strategy they’re used to with the goal that they can buy things from Amazon without any stress or anxiety.

At the point when people pay for things on sites like Amazon using bank record installments, they may be rest guaranteed that protection is astutely installed so as to avoid ID-theft and similar issues. When somebody chooses to use an Amazon installment strategy, his or her installment information is put away in their Amazon profile (if it’s supported), which spares them from needing to rehash their data each time they need to make an online store purchase.

Because of this unpretentiousness in installment strategies, individuals have yet another opportunity to shop on Amazon without needing to go through the usurious installment procedure.

Best Amazon Pay Accounts

If individuals want access to more than one installment strategy, they’ll need to make a whole extra record with Amazon – which can go about as an advantage and a hindrance in numerous circumstances. In specific cases, having another account could be useful for clients who might want to utilize their bank card or other strategies beyond Amazon Pay. For example, somebody may have different records with Amazon so that he or she will have the capacity to do shopping on the site without any hurdles while additionally paying their bills online by means of his/her charge card.

With Amazon’s new introduction of its installment alternative called Amazon Pay, clients will have one less reason to make an entirely different record on the site; yet, it is more for the benefit of clients who are searching for additional simplicity in how they can buy things on Amazon without being compelled to offer any new information. The goal here is to make a record on Amazon that is as simple and energizing as it may be.

It’s an echo into the different security measures that have been set up by other online installment strategies like PayPal, where people can utilize their own particular data just once with no compelling reason to include their individual data every time they need to buy something from another site.

Benefit Of Amazon Pay Accounts

Amazon Pay has several benefits. It is a range of payment services on the Amazon platform. The main feature is, consumers can use their accounts to make payments for goods and services on third-party websites using bank transfers or credit cards as well as debit cards, net banking, wallet prepaid account, or Cash on Delivery (CoD).

In addition to this, Amazon pay also offers simple and easy returns, gift cards balance checks, view orders from all devices, etc.

Here we are discussing different kinds of Amazon Pay Accounts that are very useful:

1) Default Account – When you register an account at, it creates a default account for checkout purposes. You do not need any prior process to create the default account. It is created automatically when you log in for the first time at Amazon. On the site or make your first purchase on the Amazon website and use it as a simple login option for future purchases.

2) Alternate Accounts – You can also add multiple accounts, apart from the default account, to your profile by creating alternate accounts while making purchases on the amazon website or mobile app. By adding alternate accounts, you can link other banks like ICICI bank, HDFC bank, etc., credit cards provided by third parties like SBI card, CIBC card, etc. Debit Cards of other banks and Net Banking details of most Indian banks including State Bank of India and such other payment options if available with non-Indian banks.

3) Scheduled Payment Account – This is a dedicated scheduled payment account created by amazon pay where default payments are made automatically when due i.e., either on the date chosen by the user itself or on the date selected from any of the pre-set recurring options like Monthly, quarterly, etc., However, these scheduled payments are not made for CoD orders.

How to set up alternate accounts?

To add alternate accounts, you have to go through the process of “Manage Your Account” on Amazon. In site or mobile app. On the amazon website click on the account link in your dashboard and select the manage my account option and log in using the default account, which already exists in your profile, as shown:

After logging into your default account, if you scroll down a little further, apart from the language selection and product delivery details section, it will display multiple options like view transaction history, etc., where you can see an option called Manage Alternate Accounts. Click on that option:

After clicking the Manage Alternate Accounts option it will open a page displaying details of all alternate accounts linked to your profile as follows:

After adding an alternate account, it will provide a password field for each added account. You have to enter the password every time you want to make any payment using that alternate account. Also in case of any error or issue, if you do not remember your password then use passcode recovery options present on the Amazon website and mobile app.

How to create a scheduled payment account?

A scheduled Payment Account is very useful to make automatic payments on due dates as it saves your time from writing lengthy instructions every time when you have to make a payment through amazon pay or doing multiple online transfers and paying heavy charges on the same. To Create a Scheduled Payment Account, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Your Manage My Account page on Amazon. In the site or Mobile App and scroll down below the language selection and product delivery details section where, if you have configured alternate accounts, it will display an option called “Manage Alternate Accounts” i.e., click that option.

Step 2: After clicking on the “Manage Alternate Accounts” option, it will open a page displaying details of all alternate accounts linked to your profile. You can see an option for creating a new scheduled payment account at the bottom of that page for which click on that link and you will get a page like this.


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, offering more than 50 million unique products and delivering to customers in over 190 countries. In addition to its hugely popular e-Commerce platform, Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing services to hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world (together with their own employees). Based in Seattle, Washington USA, Amazon has offices across North America as well as in Europe and Asia making it a truly global company.

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