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Facebook Ads Accounts

Yes! You can advertise up to 2500$ and get massive traffic for your company. It is completely safe to purchase Facebook ads accounts here. We offer the best Facebook ads accounts.

Facebook Ads Account Features

  1. This account is open to all countries.
  2. American Accounts also available (work with American IP).
  3. Fore American Account uses VPN or VPSETC
  4. This account can be used to advertise up 2500$
  5. Limit 50 to 500 dollars per day
  6. This account is perfect and ready for use.
  7. There is no need to modify anything on the billing tag
  8. Already added Funding Source
  9. Delivery time 1 to 3 days


We deliver

  1. The Account Details
  2. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  3. 24/7 Customer Support


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Buy Facebook Ads Accounts

If you are looking for the best Facebook ads accounts to buy then we have a solution for you. We bring the best Facebook ads accounts along with their pictures, last activity time, and more details which helps to make your purchase decision easier at the first site itself. These Facebook Ads Accounts come with an email address & password to login into the account as well as the authorization code required for activating these accounts.

facebook ads account

What are Buy FB Accounts?

The main purpose of Buy Facebook Ads Accounts is to provide high-quality US-based/UK-based/Indian-based/Canadian-based social media accounts. We will give you access on your dashboard also via Skype where you can see us live while buying any of our products to get 100% surety that we are not a fraud. We have an inbuilt anti-cheat system where we check the IP of our clients to ensure that you are 100% genuine and if by chance you aren’t then your order will be canceled without a refund. We don’t want to get a bad name for ourselves so we don’t cheat anyone.

Why Buy Fb Accounts?

FB is one of the best platforms for getting more customers/clients or increasing business sales. And to be on FB, it’s very important to own a Facebook account with high likers & followers count which may help you get lots of fans towards your page & brand also helps you generate much profit from Facebook ads which is the most effective advertising medium nowadays. This highly authentic campaign will certainly lead to your success.

Buy Aged facebook ads account

Why Choose Us?

We provide a wide range of social media accounts for your business on the top level, but above all, we always use our innovative ideas to give you something that has never been done before. We may also customize any kind of service as per your requirement at a very reasonable price.

What Will I Get?

You will get one email id & password to login into your account & an authorization code to activate these accounts along with pictures/profile details.

How Does It Work?

You just need to fill up the order form and click on the “Order Now” button and then you can pay via Paypal or by Debit/Credit card safely through our secure payment gateway. At last, you need to confirm your order and you will get your information in just 3-4 hours. It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

Is It Safe? Yes! We use PayPal to protect all our online transactions so that there is no fraud involved on either side. Your personal details are always safe with us & we never disclose them with anyone for any reason whatsoever.

When Will I Get This? You can get access within few minutes of placing your order & it will be up and running forever or until you don’t want to change the password yourself manually from your dashboard but you need to log in with a US IP address only otherwise accounts may be banned due to suspicious activity.

Manage your Facebook Ads Campaigns with a Buy Facebook Ads Account

You automatically get ads to your account when you create a Facebook profile. As the account owner, you have the ability to give access to other people to manage your ads. Companies will also be able to access the account. Buy Facebook Ads AccountsAdvertisements to promote products and services.

buy bulk facebook ads account

Promoting Your Business

If you’re interested in promoting any business via one of the most popular platforms, Facebook, you must buy Facebook Ads accounts. It is easy to create activity and bring in many customers through the social network. Facebook can beat its competitors and generate lucrative business when businesses advertise on the platform. As an alternative to your main account and to increase the reputation and do a profitable company, you will need to purchase a Verified or Aged account on Facebook.

Why should a company buy Facebook Ads Accounts?

Facebook has created Aged Ads Accounts to make things easier. This account can be used for high-quality advertising strategies. You should be familiar with Facebook Ads. Facebook will not block your ads faster if you use older accounts. Our company offers only Facebook Aged accounts to ensure that it is a success. We will make sure your friends and social circle are not provoking any doubts on Facebook. We will do it for you!

What is Facebook New Ads Account?

This is an account that has been active on Facebook for less than one year. It hasn’t been more than one year since the user created it.

A few differences between Facebook Aged Ads Account (and New Account from Facebook Advertisings).

  • All Aged Accounts can generate significant traffic gains. New accounts, however, will not generate accurate traffic.
  • The importance of new accounts will be less. The older accounts will help you reach high potential.
  • Older accounts are more active than new accounts.
  • The platform is seeing new accounts, which will result in less engagement with comments and likes.
  • Facebook Aged Accounts will give you more credibility and increase sales for your company.

Which account is the most useful?

We have already seen the difference between old and new accounts. The best option for your company is to purchase Facebook Aged accounts. This will bring you more benefits for your campaign and your business than buying new accounts. You will make people uncomfortable with your credibility by buying new accounts. It is best to purchase as many older accounts as possible.

Buy old facebook ads account

Consider these points

  • Always consider purchasing Facebook accounts older than one year

The better the account’s age, the more years it has been in use. The account that is older seems more legit. You should purchase accounts that are as active as possible, with as many friends as possible. Accounts that are interactive will also be more valuable. These will support the removal of campaigns and avoid possible bans. Your account will therefore last longer.

  • You can create different campaigns using different accounts

If your company is running multiple campaigns at once, it is best to keep each campaign in its own account. This will reduce the risk of banning.

Benefits of Buying Facebook Ads Accounts

  • Customer Approach: Facebook Ads Accounts can help you have a closer relationship with your customers and the products or services you offer. This will give your company credibility and authenticity.
  • Promotions that are worth-of-mouth: By sharing the information with others, Facebook users can launch a new business campaign. It will cause a viral trend.
  • Real-Time: These accounts will allow you to exchange feedback with users in real-time.
  • Targeting: You can buy a Facebook Ads Account to direct your purchase towards a targeted target that is relevant to your business.
  • A considerable scope: Your advertisement will appear on different profiles depending on how many people have purchased the account. It all depends on the information you provide and the strategy that you choose for your account.

You can view the activity in your Ads accounts

An ad manager can consolidate all records they have made in Ads accounts. You can review the account of anyone who has made changes and generate as many reports as necessary.

Yes! Yes! Facebook Ad Account has Limits
Facebook has placed limits on ads accounts, but don’t worry, they aren’t as harmful as you might think. You should be aware of them.

  • A user can manage up to 25 accounts.
  • Maximum of 25 users per ad account
  • In a regular account, up to 5,000 ads cannot be deleted.
  • A regular ad account cannot delete more than 1,000 sets.
  • A regular account will not delete one thousand campaigns.
  • You could have up to 50 ads per ad set without them being removed.

Once these limits are reached, you’ll need to delete any old campaigns or ads and start creating new ones.

Are you able to buy Facebook Ads Accounts without any problems?

Yes! You can buy Ads Accounts without any risk. Our team is made up of experts who can find active and reliable accounts. These profiles will come from genuine users who have used the platform for many months or even years. You don’t have to worry about creating an alarm or doubt within Facebook.

The Company

Our company is a top-quality provider of social media services. Our company is known for offering a great service at a reasonable price that meets the client’s needs. We will never compromise on our commitment to satisfying all clients.

Buy facebook ads accounts

Our services provide

  • All countries will have the ability to access the account
  • American Accounts can be opened, but they will need to use VPS or VPN.
  • You can start using the account immediately.
  • To meet the needs of your company, the account will be open for more than two years.

Why choose us?

For many years we have been in this industry, satisfying all client’s requirements and selling every Facebook Ads Account available in the market. All customers are important to us.

All accounts that we sell are genuine and come with all the benefits you need to help you build your business. Buy Facebook Ads AccountsStart to build your brand and credibility and promote your products and services.


Get a Facebook Ads account you can promote your business by creating many campaigns in various Ads accounts. This will increase traffic to your site and allow you to promote your campaigns creatively. Your content will grow because of the word-of-mouth endorsement from the account owner. Do not lose the chance to grow your business!

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