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What is an HBO account?

HBO – Home Box Office is an American premium cable and satellite television network owned by Time Warner through its respective flagship company Home Box Office, Inc. Offering a variety of content from comedy to drama to movie-themed programming, HBO has grown into the largest pay television service in the United States.

The main competitor to this channel was Showtime Networks (Showtime, The Movie Channel, and Flix) until it merged with HBO’s then-parent company, Time Warner, and became part of Time Warner Cable & Telecommunications group before being separated again on January 1, 2007, when they became subsidiaries of their former selves but still under the oversight of Time Warner which owns between 34% and 46% of both companies depending on whose figures are used. Other competitors include Cinemax and Encore.

HBO is also a famous channel outside the United States, where it has multiple networks around the world. HBO Latin America and HBO Asia are available in several countries, mostly those that speak Spanish or English.

HBO Canada had been planned to launch in 1993 as the domestic pay television service under The Movie Network banner but was launched later that year as a channel owned by CTV, itself controlled by Bell Canada Enterprises; it was originally meant to be spun off from premium services when direct-broadcast satellite television came to Canada but instead became an outlet for multiplex channels (like Showcase Diva, Men TV, YTV, and others) until 1998 when it reverted to being just another movie service carrying HBO’s original programming and films.

It eventually became a full-time multiplex channel for CTV before shutting down in 2002, only to return less than two years later as part of Astral Media’s takeover of CTV; the service has since been rebranded as HBO Canada (and IMAX, Star!, Deja View and Sundance have all since been added, though HBO Canada was replaced by TMN Encore on a secondary basis in October 2017).

HBO Latin America is also available as three separate channels in Brazil: the main channel (available nationwide), a Northern version with different programs that can be seen through Net Brasil cable operators in the states of Bahia, which is generally inaccessible via satellite except through Sky which launched it on its platform while it was still a subsidiary of Brasil Telecom (it is also carried in São Paulo on Claro TV, in Rio de Janeiro on Oi TV and GVT, and in Santa Catarina on Vivo TV ), and an HD simulcast feed that is distributed via satellite throughout the country.

HBO Latin America previously had two separate feeds for Brazil; one with Portuguese subtitles (available to subscribers of Net Serviços ) and another carrying Spanish-dubbed programming which could be viewed outside the home market of each program’s country of origin by using Spanish-language dubbing tracks (these feeds were available to Telecablevision subscribers).

HBO Asia originally launched as Star Movies International in 1994 but was rebranded as HBO after it was acquired by Time Warner. The new channel carried programming from Warner Bros., Universal Studios, and Paramount Pictures, as well as movies from international studios (including Hong Kong’s Media Asia Group and India’s UTV Motion Pictures) with Chinese and English subtitles for the films that were dubbed in their respective countries of origin; live-action television series imported from other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan; and home video titles from the United States available on VHS until 2003 when Star Movies stopped importing non-animated videos.

HBO Australia used to be jointly owned by Village Roadshow through its licensee Roadshow Entertainment until 2002 when both companies completely sold their shares to Foxtel (finally becoming an entire subsidiary of the latter in 2008) and launched some exclusive Australian productions. The channel was previously available on Austar until the latter’s merger with Foxtel and was then moved to Foxtel Aurora, where it stayed until late 2010 when both channels were removed due to a low number of subscribers as well licensing issues involving Warner Bros.

What Platforms will HBO Account be Available on?

Currently, HBO is an online service that only works with a PlayStation 3 console. What are the plans for accessing HBO through other platforms, such as Xbox 360?

I’m thinking of purchasing a Playstation 3 to use all of its functions (especially the extremely anticipated Playstation Move), but I want to know if I will have access to all of the services that it offers on my main gaming platform. Will I be able to watch movies and television shows from HBO on my Xbox 360 or not? Also another question — what will be the price for watching these videos without cable in 2010? Thanks!

There’s been talk about expanding our service beyond the PS3,” says Richard Plepler, co-president of Home Box Office. “We’re talking about it internally, talking about it with potential partners, and have begun to talk about plans on implementing it. But that’s all we’ve done so far. So for the time being, it’s PlayStation 3.”

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