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Microsoft Azure Accounts

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Microsoft Azure Accounts: Features

  • $200 Credit on Account
  • It is easy to use the account
  • Unlimited Apps Creation
  • Unlimited VPS (each region 4 VPS)


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Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: Many different cloud IT technology services are available including infrastructure and platform as a service. In a public cloud, you can rent virtual machines or containers for short periods of time at only the moment when you need them.

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The advantages of Microsoft Azure are clear, especially when it comes to the interface. Microsoft Azure offers a high degree of clarity and ease of use. For example, you can develop and maintain applications on your local infrastructure, while publishing them in the cloud for others to use. You can choose which elements you want to keep on-premises (private) or in the cloud (public).

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Setup and Configuration of Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts

This article is about setting up a storage account and reviewing the features of the Microsoft Azure Storage service. The article explains how to create a storage account, set permissions for access to it, upload data into it as blobs (binary large objects), then download the blobs, using both REST and .NET application programming interface (API) calls. The article also provides a short summary of the circumstances under which you can choose to store your application data in Microsoft Azure.

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The article implements the code example using C#, but all API calls are available in a variety of languages (see Resources for links). The sample demonstrates how to upload and download blobs as XML files. It shows how to use the REST API, which works with both XML and binary data. It also shows how to use the .NET API, which is only for working with binary data.

The article assumes that you are familiar with the basics of the Microsoft Azure platform (see Related topics for links). However, it includes a section with examples for beginners who have not set up any Microsoft Azure services.

This article is divided into the following main sections:

Prerequisites for accessing a storage account. Understanding blobs in the Microsoft Azure Storage service; looking at when you might choose to use it as a data store, along with some architectural considerations and an overview of its various features. Creating and configuring a storage account. Using the REST API to perform basic operations with blobs. Downloading data from your storage account as XML using REST; uploading and retrieving binary data by using the .NET API. Summary of the article, and pointers to other useful resources.

Verified Microsoft Azure Accounts

This section briefly introduces you to some key topics for understanding the rest of this article.

Prerequisites for accessing a storage account

You can create and use Microsoft Azure Storage accounts without being registered with the Azure portal (see Related topics). However, if you want to use PowerShell or code to work with the service, you must have an Azure subscription and be signed in. For more information about registering with the portal, see How to Create a Microsoft Azure Account [Azure].

Benefits of Azure Accounts

Microsoft Azure is considered as one of the best virtual cloud services that exist for hosting websites, developing mobile apps, and programming software. In addition to these functions, Microsoft Azure offers several other benefits that include a large collection of tools and services, as well as the ability to work with partners who can offer you more products for your business. It also offers a series of free tools that are useful on daily basis and let you develop your business smoothly.

It would be better if we discuss the benefits offered by Azure accounts in detail.”

“First, it offers you the benefit of moving your data to another place. You can move your business’s data from one server to another server without any hindrances.”

“Second, by using Microsoft Azure accounts, you can educate yourself and learn new technologies easily.”

“Third, it helps you develop your software well and transfer them to other servers. For example: if you have developed a software application and later if the need arises then you can move that software across several servers for better results.”

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“Fourth, it also helps in maintaining different websites with ease. It makes our website available at all times no matter which part of the world we are in. In addition to this, it is used for creating web services quickly.”

“Fifth, it also helps in running a server without any hindrances. In addition to this, it is very easy to install and use the software on servers.”

“Sixth, using Azure accounts can help you cope up with several problems related to IT easily. For example: if your data is deleted accidentally or damaged by some natural disasters like flood or fire then you can recover them through Azure account facilities.”

“Seventh, if you want to develop an application or web service for employees of your company at a low cost but in an effective manner then Azure services are considered as the best source available on the market because they are cheap and flexible according to your needs.”

Azure Accounts Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Azure subscriptions and the different subscription types
  • Learn about Microsoft’s Azure pricing
  • Manage subscription costs and program them
  • Learn about Azure support options
  • Comprehend Microsoft’s Service Level Agreements
  • Understanding Azure’s Support Life Cycle

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Azure Accounts: Take Advantage

  • There are no upfront fees
  • No contingency charges
  • Pay-as you-go billing
  • Per-minute billing
  • Windows compatibility
  • Disk compatibility and Linux Compatibility (yes, that’s right).
  • Excellent front-end management port.

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Azure accounts offer a significant advantage in cloud storage. You can buy Microsoft Azure accounts at any amount you wish. There are many Microsoft Azure accounts available for sale. For security and safety, you may want to purchase azure cloud storage. You can then buy azure storage accounts to serve multiple purposes in your business. Don’t wait! Just buy Microsoft azure accounts from here.

Azure Accounts the Best Cloud Backup Services for Your Business

When it comes to cloud security, Microsoft Azure is the best in business. It has proved that a great number of small and big businesses have started taking their backup services from the online platform. The Microsoft cloud backup service provider offers a combination of enterprise-grade security alongside on-demand ease and reliability.

It helps your business get back up and running faster than ever before if it faces any kind of failure due to natural disasters or cyber-attacks. With reliable and secure data storage in the world’s most advanced data centers, you can now focus more on growing your business rather than worrying about how to protect your digital assets.

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Security Features:

Microsoft Azure ensures that your backups are always safe even if they accidentally fall into the wrong hands. It has a robust security system that consists of:

  • AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2 validated encryption with SHA2 hashing
  • Windows Azure Rights Management supports selective sharing and helps you ensure compliance
  • SSL 2048-bit certificate for data at rest encryption in transit & storage to protect your backup data from unauthorized access
  • 128-bit firewalls deployed on each virtual machine hosted within Microsoft Azure datacenters

Scalability Features:

With Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines you can deploy on-demand applications as per business needs. These applications will be available 24×7 without any single point of failure because the application is replicated to other regions via cloud services. To achieve all this uses Microsoft Azure Services like deployments, storage, and automation.

The total data uploaded in the Microsoft Azure Storage was 2 exabytes last year.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure:

  1.  It will help your business to meet the requirements of future expansion as it is a reliable cloud platform that is always available for use.
  2. This service provider has automatic security updates on a daily basis which ensure protection against zero-day cyberattacks.
  3. You can get the latest technology stack with Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform that includes software development tools, mobile apps, and big data solutions, along with cross-platform support, without having to buy any extra software or hardware.
  4. On using this service provider you have the option to choose from 56 data centers located across 19 countries, which helps you in reaching a broader audience for your business.
  5. This provider provides 24×7 support via phone, online chat, and e-mail depending on the subscription package that you choose to avail yourself.
  6. Microsoft Azure includes multiple tools for automating tasks like deployment, virtual machine management, cloud services configuration, and software updates. It also has easy formats to help you work with various third-party providers and add them to your apps.

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This service provider enables automated discovery of other Azure Apps or systems within your own organization so that they are accessible by an authorized user using the improved access control features offered by this platform.

Microsoft Azure Backup Services:

If you have gained all the above-mentioned benefits, it is time to go for Microsoft Azure Backup Services. This service provider provides you options to choose from various backup solutions like Backup and Recovery (B+R) services, File Copy Service (FCS), Virtual Machine Replication Service (VMRS), Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, Cloud Data Protection and Storage Replica which can be used as per your needs.


With more than 100k customers worldwide using this cloud platform for their business, Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform has got a lot of credibility in the market. With its unique security features along with the flexibility and scalability of services offered by this vendor, your business will consistently grow at a rapid rate of pace without being hindered by any security issues.

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Once you get acquainted with the various features and services offered by Microsoft Azure, there is no looking back. This platform will help your business gain much better performance at a fraction of the cost. Here you can Azure Accounts to buy. We offer the Best Microsoft Azure Accounts. Don’t waste your time looking for Buy Microsoft Azure Accounts. Buy Azure Accounts right now.

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