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Outbrain Accounts

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Information about Outbrain Accounts

  1. Verified by a dedicated and unique proxy
  2. Verified using real information
  3. Verification of billing account passed
  4. Your account will become fully active
  5. Limit on the amount you can spend $100
  6. No previous history.
  7. After registering, you can immediately start running your ads.

We deliver

  1. Login credentials for an account
  2. Verification details


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What is an Outbrain account?

Outbrain, a native advertising platform, partners with Bloomberg and CNN to bring together publishers with advertisers. Outbrain is used by advertisers to display ads that resemble editorial Stories and pay when someone clicks on the advertisement. Outbrain and all publishers share the advertising revenue. It recommends articles, slideshows, and blog posts to readers using targeted advertising. Outbrain recommends content that links to publisher content. Others link to other websites. Outbrain is paid by these other sites for clicks. Outbrain, on the other hand, pays the publisher where the links were placed.

Best Outbrain Accounts

Why should you use Outbrain?

Each month, Outbrain’s recommendations are featured as native placements in premium publications like CNN, Time, and Fortune. Huggies, McDonald’s, and VISA use Outbrain to promote their products. In just a few clicks, you can report on Outbrain campaigns and funding, promoted links as well as publishers, geo, performance, among other metrics. These are some of the main benefits of Outbrain data reporting with Supermetrics

  1. You can transfer your most important metrics directly to Google Sheets or Excel, as well as Data Studio.
  2. Consume Outbrain data at your fingertips. All your vital metrics and measurements will be at your fingertips with our high-quality connector.
  3. Your campaign reporting can be taken to the next level. You can easily combine Outbrain data and metrics from 50+ programs in the same report. This allows you to compare and contrast your results, optimize for the best performance, and maximize profits.
  4. Outbrain advertisements are 44% more likely than other advertisements to be trusted
  5. Our content is 21% less likely to be clicked than other content
  6. Content from the outbrains is 24% more likely than future purchases

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The minimum price per click (CPC) for a campaign is 0.03, and the minimum budget is $10/day/$300/month. Minimums don’t reflect reality. Depending on your industry, you can expect to start your CPC at $0.10 to $1.50. Real-world evaluations will include 500 to $2,000 for publisher sections that convert.

Best verified Outbrain Accounts

When to use Outbrain

Are you currently advertising on Facebook or Google? Outbrain is a great fit for you as long as there are articles. Outbrain has the strictest guidelines for approving Advertiser creatives. Make sure to read the instructions before you launch a campaign. Outbrain is the perfect platform for boosting awareness, education, or audience growth. Outbrain is a great platform for direct response marketers who use a compelling story to make their case.

Common Mistakes

When people start Outside with Outbrain, the biggest mistake I see is:

  1. Recommendations are violated by inappropriate content
  2. One effort
  3. Mix device types
  4. Multiple landing pages per campaign
  5. Ad creatives are not adequate
  6. No tracking

Outbrain Accounts

Outbrain’s network will allow you to target websites extensively, so make sure to limit your search.

How to start

Before you start:

  1. URL for a landing page that conforms to guidelines
  2. 35 headline titles (recommended, minimum one)
  3. Recommendations: 3-5 images, minimum of one
  4. A string of tracking tags (recommended, optional).
  5. Deposit funding (credit card, bank accounts, etc.)

A huge global reach

SimilarTech was used to find out which websites are using Outbrain and Taboola. We also looked at which markets are most open to these content recommendation platforms. Taboola’s customer base is smaller than that of Outbrain, but their growth is highly desired. Taboola gained 3,224 new clients last month, while Outbrain lost 271.

Buy verified Outbrain Accounts

Outbrain has launched a global presence with huge traffic from all parts of the industry. The traffic to the Taboola, which is more than half of the total, is much more concentrated in the US. It is easy to see the difference between paid and free content discovery. Outbrain’s widget and publisher sites both provide free content recommendations. You can also see domains from big-name publishers in this list, which allows for more traffic circulation.

How do you measure the results?

Outbrain has two ways of measuring consequences. The first is Account Structure with effort naming conventions. All optimization targeting exists as campaign preferences. Tracking tags are used for the campaign, publisher, and department as well as advertising creative. We will do our best to meet your Outbrain account needs. You don’t have to worry about your account’s safety if you are willing to purchase Outbrain accounts. Buy Outbrain accounts today.

The Benefits of an Outbrain Account Manager

For publishers, creative agencies, and advertisers who use OutBrain’s advertising platform to plan, purchase and execute native ads on premium content sites, there’s one person they all deal with: the account manager. In this article, we’ll introduce you to your new best friend.

1. They Have a Lot of Experience with Native Ads

Who better to help you than someone who has been involved in native advertising since it was invented? Your account manager is privy to the latest developments in purchasing strategies for online campaigns; will know which formats work best where (and why); and have access to valuable, unpublished data that will help you refine your own strategic plans.

2. They’re the Single Point of Contact for All Your Needs

Having just one person to call means that you don’t have to jump through hoops, or navigate a maze in order to get support. No more filling out web forms! Just give your account manager a call and tell them what you need (and when you need it). Then relax – they’ll take care of the rest. And as if that wasn’t enough, their experience also means that they’re invaluable at troubleshooting problems on both sides once a campaign has started running. In other words, they know everything there is to know about OutBrain’s platform (both automated and manual), making themselves an indispensable resource in times of need.

3. It’s Easier to Manage Your Account As a Publisher Than Ever Before

Programmatic purchasing via the platform is an obvious winner for publishers – and it’s getting better all the time. The simplicity of this solution means that you can focus on your own content, while the OutBrain account manager takes care of using technology to optimize campaign performance in ways that were previously not possible. In addition, our team has access to additional features and functionality in the pipeline that will make programmatic buying even easier – so watch this space! And if you have any suggestions/ideas for improving yourself, feel free to share them with your account manager; they might just become a reality!

Outbrain Accounts for sale

4. There’s a Lot of Background Information You Need to Know When Working With OutBrain

Programmatic buying is fairly new. There are constant changes with the technology that enables it, and the way that clients work with such campaigns. Your account manager will have insider knowledge about many of these developments, which means they can be your single point of contact for all details relating to both OutBrain’s platform and how buyers interact with it (e.g. preferred formats, pricing models, etc.).

5. They Can Help You Get Started With Programmatic Buying Quickly – And Ensure Its Success

The transition from manual purchasing to programmatic sometimes involves some fear on behalf of publishers who might think that they don’t have enough information to make it happen. As the sole point of contact for your account, and OutBrain account manager will help you overcome those fears and get up to speed quickly.

6. You Can Learn From Their Experience

When you work with a knowledgeable, experienced account manager, there’s no need to spend time searching out examples of how others have approached similar problems with native advertising on OutBrain. Just ask: they’re happy to share best practices and case studies drawn from their own extensive experience (and we also run regular webinars and mastermind group sessions that are available to all publishers). And if you still prefer experimenting on your own? Well then of course your account manager can continue guiding you through every step of the process as always!

7. You Have Someone to Turn To When There’s a Problem, Regardless of What Time It Is or Where They Are in the World

As your single point of contact, your account manager is always there for you – regardless of what time it is and where they are in the world. If you have an urgent problem that requires their attention, then don’t worry: they’ll be on hand to help! This means that you can always feel confident in knowing that your account is being well-looked after (even when they’re away from their desk) – a luxury most publishers can only dream about… 🙂

8. Your Account Manager Thinks Like a Publisher; Wants to Help Publishers Succeed

Account managers at OutBrain are on the front line of native advertising campaigns every day. They understand why publishers choose to run with this format and appreciate the challenges involved in doing so. This is why they genuinely want to help you succeed; not just because it’s part of their job, but because they care about the quality of your content.

9. You Can Always Rely On Your Account Manager for More Information – About Anything Related to Programmatic Buying

Publishers have many questions, especially when it comes to programmatic buying. An account manager will be able to answer them all – from questions about specific formats (native ads vs display), articles shared by colleagues, or information on the most up-to-date changes with an automated platform.

10. An Account Manager Can Make the Process of Working With a New Agency or Ad Network Much Easier to Navigate

We work with over 500 agencies and ad networks across the globe. It can often be tricky for publishers to decide which ones are worth talking to, especially when there’s so much new technology around! But with an Outbrain account manager acting as your single point of contact, you can get expert advice on who in the industry is best suited for your needs – every step of the way!


Saving hours on reporting each month by converting all the data you want from Outbrain into the exact same Google Sheet, Excel, or Data Studio dash that is used to test the operation of one’s paid campaign operations will help you save time. Supermetrics allows you to download multiple CSVs, combine them into a single dashboard or spreadsheet, and then place automatic updates on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. Outbrain accounts come with a 100% guarantee. Buy outbrain accounts now. Contact us to purchase bulk Taboola accounts at a discount. Information about Outbrain accounts. Verified using a unique and committed.

Outbrain Accounts to buy

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